Monday, April 28, 2008

Eye Poster

Okay, so most people who know me, people who have been to my house, have seen the huge eye poster that I have. It all started back in 6th grade when we got an assignment to do a montage. I took this to mean I had to cover the entire paper with one theme. I covered a piece of cardboard entirely with eyes. I remember one guy put 4 or 5 guns on a sheet of legal size paper. Oh. Anyways, back in high school sometime I decided to start another one--on a much larger scale. I've said more than once that I think it's done, but then I randomly start working on it. I spent some time working on it when I came back from Maryland. I was planning on working on it more regularly, but I only worked on it for a week or two. Then, a couple weeks ago I just randomly started working on it again. Lisa Diane actually noticed when she was here for passover. I've worked on it even more since then. Here are a few photos showing the progress of the poster: This one was taken 9/19/2006.
This one was taken 9/28/2006.

Most recent photo: 4/25/2008.

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Margot Verhulst said...

Just the other day, when you were at yoga and we were over chatting with Ross about ya'll leaving us (BOO)... I looked at the poster and thought to myself.. "I've seen this thing a million times and have never asked about it". I had obviously noticed it (how can you NOT?) and made a subconscious note-to-self that it was a little strange, but it never crossed my mind to ask how it originated. Now I know :)