Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Common Courtesy

I guess I just have really high expectations. If I do something nice for someone I expect acknowledgement and a Thank You. I know half the time the person didn't ask me to do what I did, but that doesn't preclude a Thank You does it? I'm not looking for a medal, or a billboard, just a phone call or an email. A simple "Hey Kat, I got the stuff you sent. Thanks." Last summer I sent a friend some cds. Later I received a hand-written note and some cds in exchange. That was exceptional. Most people can't even seem to say thank you.
This week my aunt didn't give more than an hour's notice when it came to picking up my grandma at the airport. I've heard of other people doing this. "Hey, I'm at the airport, pick me up." What the %@#&!!!!
People won't even hold the door open anymore. They open it just a crack and slink through, so that even if you are only two steps behind them, when you get to the door, its already closed again.
I guess all I can do is my part. I'll continue to hand write thank you notes, and hold the door open. I mean, come on, its common courtesy.

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Anonymous said...

handwritten thank you notes?
have you seen my handwriting