Thursday, August 2, 2007

One Year

Wow. A lot can happen in one year. Or just about nothing. One year ago I left Maryland to come back to Texas. I don't feel like I've gotten much of anything accomplished. Last August I spent the entire month deep cleaning the house. I spent this June remodelling the back bathroom. I don't feel as though I've done much of anything else. I've had nightmares lately where strangers yell at me and tell me that I'm lazy and didn't try hard enough, that I should be a doctor and there are no excuses. I feel like a very expensive medical dictionary, and over the past year I'm sure i would have learned a ton, but instead i have forgotten a bunch. Twice i couldn't remember the word lipoma. Yesterday I couldn't remember that the HIV test is the ELISA test (i did remember that Western Blot is the confirmation test). Somehow though, I did remember that Chapter 25 is the HIV chapter in my micro book. Odd. I feel extremely guilty for not working and not doing more at home. In short, I guess I do feel lazy. Some of my classmates will be full fledged doctors in less than a year....and where will I be? What will I have done? I can't imagine it will be anything as impressive as that.

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