Saturday, July 21, 2007

Called Out

I went to yoga with Tiffany yesterday. I was expecting a pansy class, being that it was at 24 hour fitness and only 60 mins long. Tiffany told me it was hard, but she isn't exactly one to judge. The class was actually decent, and pretty tough. Tiffany sat out 1/3 or so of the class, and I'm not sure how hard she tried on the poses she did do. I was soaking wet, I don't think she broke a sweat. Being that I'm so competitive I was really pushing myself (I know, this isn't very yoga of me, and he even said it wasn't a competition, but I wanted to prove to Tiffany that I could do it.)
I was recently lamenting that that whenever bridge to wheel comes up in yoga I cop out and sit there in bridge. That's kind of sad to me, cause when I was a kid backbend from standing or laying down was my favorite move.
So, the teacher was cool, and the workout was good, and towards the end we did bridge. When he said to pop it up into wheel I laughed (just like I laughed when he said high push up-low push up-high push up again-low push up--I'm not being tricked into doing push-ups, it's my least favorite exercise.) Get this, the teacher walks right over to me, looks me in the face and says "Wheel? You know what I'm talking about right?" I offered the excuse that my head is really sensitive--which is code for "I'm copping out."
I need to work on wheel so next time I don't half-ass and get called out.

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