Monday, October 20, 2014

Skyline Trapeze

On Sunday we checked out Skyline Trapeze in Dallas. I was hoping to see Donovan, but he was out of town. We did see Daniel, one of the catchers from Austin. I really just wanted to have fun. I hadn't flown at all since May, 2013. I had high hopes of a back-end whip. The really high hopes were to get into it gracefully with straight legs. Never even came close. I kinda scrambled into it. I forgot how quickly things happen up there. I'm sort of amazed I actually got into the position and got caught.

Ross worked on his swing. He says he misses trapeze.

It was great to be on a properly set up rig. I didn't feel like I was fighting the bar or the lines. My take-offs were actually decent. Today my chest and arms are really sore. Oh, and of course my shoulders. I had a lot of fun, and the weather was beautiful--perfect for outdoor flying. We will definitely fly again when we are back in DFW.

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