Friday, October 10, 2014


So something I've been getting riled up about lately is germs--specifically germaphobes. I've already ranted about how toilet hoverers are one of my pet peeves. It seems I've met a lot of folks lately who are scared of germs. Well, I think I'm in the opposite camp. I eat bacteria on a daily basis. I love my yoghurt. Most bacteria is good for us.

Studies are coming out saying that overuse of antibiotics plays a role in obesity and food allergies. If we don't kill all our good bacteria, we do better. Fecal transplants (which are basically bacterial transplants) are going to be commonplace soon. They seem to cure problems caused by eradication of all our normal gut bacteria.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't use antibiotics, nor am I recommending you go lick a toilet. What I'm saying is that people are paranoid. Antibacterial gels and soaps aren't really necessary. Just wash with soap and water. I'm not sure what people think they are going to catch from toilet seats or other random things. I actually had a couple of ladies tell me they won't buy spices in bulk because what if someone touched them, or breathed on them, or cross-contaminated them. What? So they go to some specialty shop and pay extra because only the employees--not the general public--touch and breathe on the spices. Whatever.

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