Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thailand, Spelunking

We had a second free day--a break from the tour group. I wanted to go see some famous waterfalls, but decided a day of rest was in order. After breakfast with our new buddies Renee and Rose we chilled.  Rose doesn't like boat rides, and since the only way to leave the hotel was on a speed boat they opted to also have a day of rest. Then we ran into them on the way to the cave close to the hotel.

We took a lovely walk to the back of the property, paid our entry fees, then followed our guides up, up, up a set of stairs to the cave entrance. At the top of the stairs we were instructed to "Sit Down!" After a brief rest our guides led us through the caves.

None of the photos do the cave justice. The cave was cool, but very humid. Water was dripping in some areas. The girls pointed out different rock formations that looked like certain a monkey or crocodile teeth. The younger girl kept singing "wash yo heeee-aa," which was so cute. (She meant watch your head.)

Bats call the cave home and we saw many of them. They were large--much larger than the Mexican Free Tail bats we have here in Austin.

Here is Rose posing with our two adorable guides. Ross wanted to take them home. He's a sucker for little girls. I know that might sound creepy, but sometimes he just wishes he had a daughter.

Here is a video that shows the bats.

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