Friday, March 14, 2014

Garage Insulation Part 1, The Attic

As a break from Thailand I'll tell you about this week's project: the garage. My parents are here. My dad and I made a plan to insulate the garage. The point of the garage is to have a nice, comfortable car when you decide to leave the house.  Our garage gets too cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer. When it is cold out my laundry soap gels up!
We bought some AttiCat insulation and brought it home with my dad's car.
The crazy hose and box comprise the blower machine. My dad fed the insulation into the blower and I waddled around the attic to spread out the insulation.
Here is how it looked at the end. Nice and fluffy--and pink, but the flash washed out the color.
Uh, at the very start I put my foot through the dry wall in the ceiling. I just wasn't thinking. Thankfully, just my leg went through.

It took us longer to go get the supplies and return the blower than it did to actually put in the insulation. I was only up in the attic for an hour. I sure did feel sore the next day though!

Now I just have to cover up the hole.

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