Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thailand: Floating Market and Fruit List

So March 1st was a bunch of tourist traps, including a coconut sugar place and the floating market. Our crappy tour guide didn't do a good job explaining what was going on. We took a speed boat from one end of the floating market to the other. We ended up shopping by walking along the market rather than floating by--which would have been cool. Lunch wasn't provided, so we got a bunch of little things from street vendors. It was all good except the mango smoothie--the mango wasn't ripe.
Ross was thrilled that we found a vendor with Khanom Thuay--a coconut milk custard. It was yummy.

So this boat was at the first place we "shopped." I bought some mango from the vendor.

We ate a lot of fruit on our trip including: mangosteen, mango, coconut, ladyfinger bananas, fried bananas, guava, dragon fruit, longan, lychee, pineapple (lots and lots of pineapple), cantaloupe, watermelon, durian (in cookie form), pomegranate (fresh squeezed juice), rose apple, orange (juice), raisins, papaya, and rambutan.

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