Sunday, September 1, 2013

David Garza Live at Cactus Cafe

Back in college I didn't get out much (nothing has changed.)  At some point I saw David Garza (Dah-Veed, like Ziva David in NCIS) perform and I liked him.  I saw him one or two more times while I was at St. Edward's.  While searching for something cool to do with Ainsmar I saw that David was playing the Cactus Cafe. Why not relive some college days--seeing him play on the UT Campus?

So Thursday night Ainsmar and I went to hear David Garza perform some songs from his new album.  He played the piano, and the guitar, and had a friend, JJ, play the drums during some songs.  He told funny stories.  He drank lots of tequila shots.  People made requests, and he actually played the songs.  He felt bad that he hadn't played a waltz--which had been requested the night before--so he played two. He made me wish I could play an instrument.

The crowd was decidedly grown up.  No college freshman.  No college kids at all.  We actually got a seat at a table and got to chill during the performance--we didn't have to stand the whole time like you do at most places.  Cactus Cafe is very intimate.  David even talked to people between sets.

I enjoyed David's wacky songs. I bought his latest album--Human Tattoo. I listened to it in the car on Friday, and I have to say--I enjoyed the live performance more.  The album has some cool things going on, but I find the stripped down sound of just a few instruments and no electronica more moving. 
David with guitar.
David on piano and Adrian Quesada (who produced Human Tattoo) on Guitar.
There were a few songs were he jammed with other people that were in the audience that he called up on stage.  His friend Amy Cook sang while he played the piano and did back up vocals. Hearing her sing made me wonder why people listen to crappy music with crappy singers.  Amy Cook can sing.  She makes those fools on American Idol and such look like kindergartners.

So I feel sort of cool, going out, listening to live music. I wonder how long it will be before I do it again.

Thanks to Ainsmar for the photos.  I didn't feel like carrying anything and left my phone in the car.

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