Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clothes Line

I've always wanted a clothes line.  I don't know why we didn't put one in on the house on Dryden.  Well, my parents came to visit and my dad and Ainsmar helped me put one in here. Actually, everyone pitched in.  My mom marked where the holes needed to be drilled and Ross put up the actual clothes line. Clothes dry quickly here in the Texas heat, and I really don't mind the crunchiness.
First we had to dig holes.  Not fun.  Especially when we hit the clay. Then we hit rock and called it deep enough.
Dad cut the PVC pipe with the jigsaw.
We kept calling the concrete cake mix with nuts (rocks).  We had to get it the right consistency and stir it up so it was smooth.
We set the PVC pipe in the hole.  Ainsmar held the pipe while Dad and I poured in the concrete.

We assembled the T pieces and set them in with set screws so that they don't twist.  Ross put up the line a few days later so that the concrete would have time to set in.  
My mom has a cute clothespin hanger that looks like a little dress.  I wanted one too.  I looked on etsy, and they were around twenty bucks.  No way!  We went to Savers and I got this little jumper for two bucks.  I got some kid sized hangers at IKEA for a buck-fitty. I sewed shut the legs and the crotch snaps.  I tacked the shoulder straps tight against the hanger and voila!  A clothespin hanger for less than five dollars.  The buttons in the front allow me to easily reach in with my hand to get to the clothespins.  I bought three packs of clothespins, but I think I'm going to order a couple more.  I like to use a lot of clothespins.

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Nicole said...

Yay for clothes lines! Woo hoo! I consider the crunchy line-dried towels to be a good exfoliate for my skin. Haha!