Sunday, September 22, 2013

Snake Farm and Animal Zoo

Every time I pass the Snake Farm and Animal Zoo in New Braunfels I think "I want to go there!"  After seeing the place on Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs, I really wanted to go.  I bought discount tickets online and we finally went.

The inside part is FULL of snakes.  I'm not weirded out by snakes.  I liked looking at the different colors, patterns, and shapes of the snakes.  Yeah--all snakes aren't just round like a water hose.
 This was the King Cobra.
This Sahara Sand Viper freaked Ross out.  He didn't like how it was hiding in the sand.  In the bottom left corner you can see its eye sticking out of the sand.
I liked the coloring of this White Lipped Python.

In addition to snakes they had a couple of tarantulas, a hissing cockroach, a gecko or two, skinks, bearded dragons, and you could see some crocodiles, ring tailed lemurs, and such.

Outside they had lots and lots of animals.  We bought a small bag of feed and told we were allowed to feed everything but the primates and the sea otters.  We saw a camel, bison, longhorns, zebras, mountain lions, peacocks, peahens, chick peas, chickens, chicks, ducks, lemurs, monkeys, emus, ostriches, coatimundi, warthogs, owls, macaws, parrots, turtles, tortoises, wolves, a hyena, fennec foxes, an african porcupine, ponies, and more.
Our favorite animal was the lesser anteater, also known as the tamandua.  She was super friendly.  She tried to hard to reach her nose out to us.  She stretched so much her ears popped through the fence and she got a little stuck.  She was the cutest thing ever!  Her little palms looked so pink and so human.
Here is  a short video of Princess.  I was too busy marvelling at her to take many photos or videos.

Here I am feeding the lama.  I hugged the lama.  I hugged a baby goat.  They were just so cute and soft. The petting zoo area really was the best part.  It is off season, so the goats were practically attacking us for the food.

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Nicole said...

Awww. The little anteater is so cute. That llama seems nice. They can be mean sometimes. And you look adorable. You look like you're having a such a good time feeding the animals.