Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ingrown Thumb Nail

Out of the blue yesterday Ross mentioned that I hadn't brushed Bailey's teeth or clipped her nails in a while. I agreed and decided to clip Bailey's nails.  When I went to clip one of her thumb nails I noticed it was ingrown.  How does this work on a cat? Basically the nail grows and curls inward toward the pad--sometimes puncturing it.

After reading some forum posts and watching a YouTube video, I decided I could take care of it myself instead of taking Bailey to the vet.  We wrapped her up in a towel, put a sock on her head, and I cut the nail at the midpoint.
Because the nail had been clipped at some point, it wasn't pointy sharp, so it didn't puncture the pad. Instead, she formed a callus on her pad which is split down the middle.  I feel like a bad mommy. I must have skipped that nail the last time I clipped her nails. She wasn't limping or favoring it at all, so clipping her nails was the only way I would notice it.  I'm sure if it had gone on longer she would have started to lick at it or something. Bailey is such a good groomer.  She usually uses her scratching thingy and I've also seen her pull her nails off with her teeth.  I'm a little baffled by this ingrown nail.
This is the piece that I cut off.  Once that came off I trimmed it even more. Looks like Bailey needs more regular manicures.

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