Saturday, May 26, 2012

Year of the Zoo: San Diego

We went to the Denver Zoo in March and when making plans recently I realized I'm going to visit quite a few zoos this year. I declared this year of the zoo! Yesterday we went to the San Diego Zoo with Ethan, Tiffany, and Robert. We were there a long time, but didn't get to see the whole zoo! I got some great photos and we got to see animals we'd never seen before--like a porcupine!
The porcupine ran into his cave and we thought we wouldn't see him anymore, but he ran back out. Yes, ran. And he put on quite a show.
Ross is getting better with the camera. He took this great photo of a big cat that we could barely see in the back of his enclosure.
 Green tree snake.
Kolala and  baby. Lots of the animals were napping.
The peacock also put on quite a show.
My favorite animal was the tiger. I got a few great shots of the tigers.

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Cool pics