Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texas Law Review

I loved my job at the Texas Law Review. It was the best job I ever had. I truly treasure the swag I got while I was there. I still have two T Shirts that I can't bear to part with--no matter how ratty they are, and I had 3 mugs and a couple of hats. Well, one of the mugs had a cracked handle, so last week I decided it was time for it to go--the last thing I wanted was to pick it up one day and have the handle break clean off and spill hot tea on my crotch causing third degree burns that I couldn't sue anyone for.

Yesterday I was reaching for the spoon out of my cabinet at work and my knife slipped off the shelf and hit my TLR mug really hard. A big chip flew out of the mug, and I noticed a through and through hairline crack that wept when I put hot water in the mug. So, today I brought in a new mug for work and laid my favorite TLR mug to rest. I may eventually have to give up my pieces of the TLR, but a piece of me will always remain with the TLR, in the TLR, in hundreds of copies in law libraries across the country.

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