Sunday, May 13, 2012


This morning we headed down to the Navy Ship Yards in D.C. to take our third trapeze class. Today's class was outdoors. Ross and I both really like the outdoor rig. It was such a nice day to be outside. Of course I applied my sunscreen before leaving the house, and took it with me---and shared with my classmates.

We got there really, really early, so we walked around the park by the water and did some stretches. Then we got belted up to start flying. I practiced the heels off on all my turns. Ross practiced his knee hang and back flip dismount, then heels off. By the time we got to try and catch I was really comfortable with my trick. I had a successful catch on both my catch attempts! So did Ross! Yeah!

The bruises are already showing on the back of my right heel. Because I didn't practice the knee hang I shouldn't have any bruises on my calves this time, but I think I have one on me knee from climbing the ladder.

We had a really great time today. After class we got some lunch at Potbelly and ate it in the park. Then we ran a couple of errands on our way home. I think our next class will be while my parents are here. We are going to register for an indoor class so that my parents don't have to sit out in the sun/heat and the class has no chance of being cancelled (due to weather).

Enjoy the videos
The sirens during Ross's video crack me up. Woop-woop Ross!


Nicole said...

So cool! You guys are both so good! If you run away and join the circus, I wouldn't be surprised.

zannelaw said...

I can't believe you do this--so awesome! you're both looking better and better. Happy (ahem) swinging!

Tim Aranki said...

You guys are awesome. I miss you. come back to Texas! :P

I may be in Maryland/D.C. to meet with some clients in the next month or so. I will look you guys up.