Monday, September 12, 2011

No More Corn for Bailey?

When I went to the store to buy Bailey more food I noticed a brand next to the one I normally buy (I've been buying Iams for the last 12 years) that was labelled No Corn No Wheat. Well, you know that No Corn label caught my eye, since I basically think corn is evil. --Nevermind that I ate a whole bowl of popcorn last night.

So anyway, I bought a bag of Iams and I bought a small box of the corn-free Purina One brand Beyond cat food. I conducted an experiment: I poured the same amount of cat food into two identical bowls and put them side by side. Bailey went for the new cat food first. She also completely finished it before moving on to the Iams.  I just read the ingredients list for the Iams: chicken by-product meal (that doesn't sound appetizing), corn meal, corn grits, ground whole grain sorghum, chicken....then a bunch of other stuff. The purina ingredients: chicken, chicken meal, whole brown rice, soybean meal, whole barley, whole oat meal ... then a bunch of other stuff.

So once this bag of Iams is done I'll start buying the Purina One Beyond. No more corn for Bailey.

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Disobedient Tiger said...

This from the girl that popped some yummy buttery popcorn this weekend.