Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Failed!

I often have nightmares that if I fail a test or a class I won't get my diploma or degree. I'm always one class short. Well, I really did fail a test this week. Ross and I went rock climbing, and we had to take a belay test. I failed miserably. Not a big deal though. I practiced and I'm confident that I'll pass next time.

I also failed at crochet. I don't crochet. I don't really know how. I tried two times to crochet a simple single crochet border on the hat I just knitted. It was awful. It turned the hat into a poofy old-school motorcycle helmet. I think my tension was too tight. Something was definitely wrong. It didn't look anything like the photo. I gave up and decided to skip the border and then I failed twice (at least) to pin the lining in so that I could sew it. I think I figured that one out and I'll try again tonight or tomorrow.

My third failure is heartbreaking. I failed my orchid. Priscilla is dead. Last night the only green leaves left cracked and fell over while we were talking about how rapidly the leaves had gone brown. I killed her. Penny is still fine, yet I have no idea if she'll ever flower again....

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Nicole said...

I have the same nightmare or slight variations of it!

Welcome to the orchid-killing club. I've been a member for months.