Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowboarding: Take Two

Despite some knee troubles this week I ventured back up to Ski Roundtop for another go at snowboarding. I lightened up on the layers, but still found myself sweaty by the end of it. This time went a little better. I wasn't exhausted from a snowboarding lesson, so I was able to do a lot more runs. The snow wasn't really snow, but rather ice chips. I practiced coming down the slope on the heel edge of my board, but didn't get much practice on the toe side. I even managed to make it down one time without falling. I had a lot of fun, but called it quits after about 4 hours because both knees were hurting. I don't think I'm ready for my own snowboard and gear, but I would like my own helmet and maybe goggles. I'm glad I rented a helmet. I caught an edge and hit the ground really hard once. I hit my head and got the wind knocked out of me. There was solid ice underneath the ice chips, so I'm sure that would have hurt a lot more without the helmet. I have myself some nice new bruises on the knees. I suppose I could use some knee pads too.

After I quit I changed into some dry clothes, drank my tea, and knitted in the lodge while Ross and his coworker Patrick spent a couple more hours on the slopes.

I think I did better this time--as I hope is evidenced in this video:

At least I don't look like a squatting zombie!

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Nicole said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! You're like a pro now.