Friday, February 18, 2011

Bailey is What?

Today I took Bailey to the vet and they had a big chart on the wall to convert years to cat age. Bailey is 11 years old. That is age 60 in cat years. Bailey isn't considered senior. She's geriatric. I'm in total denial. The vet said that she is healthy, but I need to start cleaning her teeth. She has one tooth that's really bad. They also recommended I give her some joint supplements. I also need to watch her water intake. I want Bailey to live to 35, so I need to start cleaning her teeth, and check into those supplements.


Nicole said...

The vet told me I had to start cleaning Kiwi's teeth too. Her back teeth are terrible. She loves the dog toothpaste. And she's on joint supplements. She is about to be nine years old in April. I hope she outlives me. I won't be able to cope if she dies before me. Glad Bailey is healthy. I love that pic of her.

k. said...

That photo of her is really old (2005), so I added one that I just took of her being geriatric in the rocking chair.