Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recent Movies

We watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD over the weekend. It was fun. Not great, but not bad. Holmes was very observant. Like Patrick Jane. Oh, and he could fight. That made him really cool. I wish I was cool. Alas, I am neither observant or capable of fighting.

We watched Cronos on Netflix instant watch. Cronos was Guiellermo del Toro's first movie. I thought it was weird. Ross says it was just bad. The acting was terrible. Really terrible. The little girl in the movie was creepy with her non-reaction to everything. It wasn't a bad idea, just a badly made movie.

Last night we watched Resident Evil Afterlife on DVD. I enjoyed the last couple of Resident Evil movies. This one wasn't as good. Something was missing. Milla Jovovich looks a little older, but she is still strong and sexy. The zombies were different--they had squid like things that they projected out of their mouths. Odd. The bad guy was awful. The terrible writing, his awful acting, the matrix-y special effects (too much), all added up to a very painful scene. The end was left wide open for another film. I hope they do a better job next time.

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Nicole said...

I'm still interested to see Sherlock Holmes and if Resident Evil becomes available on the Netflix instant list, I'd totally watch it. I have no standards when it comes to the instant Netflix options. I'll watch just about anything.