Thursday, April 16, 2015

Las Vegas 2015: The Bellagio

We ended up going to the Bellagio a couple of times. Once to eat pastries--yay, no more matzo, and once to hit the buffet. The Japanese garden display was much nicer during the day. The sunlight from overhead and lack of crowds made it much more pleasing. The giant super-fake tree in the center was lame, other than that it was really pretty.

The buffet was good. Lots of meat, but we ate our veggies. They had a kale salad with pine nuts and grapefruit that I found surprisingly tasty. They gave us the most adorable little jars of honey for our tea. They started bringing out the dinner food (seafood), and some new desserts. I picked up a coconut pudding topped with mango. I think that was my favorite thing.

Richard MacDonald has a gallery in the Bellagio. He sculpts dancers and Cirque performers. It was really interesting to look at the sculptures. This was our favorite one.

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