Friday, April 3, 2015

Foreign Shows: Coffee Prince and Empresses in the Palace

I like foreign films, so I decided to try and watch some foreign (besides English) shows. I put the Korean show Coffee Prince in my Netflix queue intending to watch it during the day. Ross came home one day just as I was starting to watch the first episode. I offered to turn it off and put on something else, but he said no. We were both completely hooked by the end of the first episode. This show is well written, well acted, cute, sweet, funny, and heart-warming. We burned through the episodes (there are only 17) and we were a little sad when it was over. I'm really glad we watched this series. We now shout Aish! all the time. I guess the English equivalent is Geez! or Sheesh!

After Coffee Prince,  I wasn't sure what to watch. I spotted Empresses in the Palace and put that into the queue. The series is only 6 episodes. Each episode is an hour and a half.

Empresses is about inner workings of the harem in the Chinese royal palace. This show is full of intrigue, betrayal, murder, suicide, affairs, and fancy clothes. The show was in Mandarin, which I enjoyed. Of course I only understand a word here and there, but I like the sound of Mandarin. I laughed every time they said "My Lady," because it sounded like Meow Meow.  The show is probably a pretty accurate. I'm sure ladies did what ever it took to gain the emperor's favor. Now I'm in search of another foreign show to watch.

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