Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trailer Food Tuesday

Trying to be cool for Ainsmar--we went to Trailer Food Tuesday last night.  
The lines were long.  Who knows how long Ross stood in line...
I was hungry, and not willing to stand in line--so I got some hatch sliders at the Greengos trailer.  They were creamy goodness.  Hatch chiles are all the rage right now.  We got lemonade too.  Refills were only one buck.
Ainsmar got in line at Peached Tortilla and didn't have to wait too long.  He got some kind of pork sliders.
And we devoured our brisket tacos that he got us at Peached Tortilla. I really wanted to try their burger, but it wasn't on the menu last night.
Ross waited in line what seemed like forever at Chilantro.  They weren't serving the burritos.  So he got a bowl for us and a bowl for Ainsmar.  Ross was very disappointed.  Chilantro parks out in front of his work regularly...and he says it is usually much better.
So we hung out on the grass and got to see the Austin skyline as it lit up and the sky darkened.

As a bonus to the food and the view we got to hear some live music by Mike and the Moonpies.  So we get to take credit for taking Ainsmar to hear some live music in the live music capital of the world.  Richard and Monica took him to batfest on Saturday and they heard a couple bands play there.  Ainsmar is sticking around a while longer, so I think we'll go see some more live music on Thursday night.

Dessert was key lime pie frozen custard for Ainsmar--he said it wasn't so good, and I got a hibiscus mint popsicle. It was okay.  I shoulda gotten the mango--or gone to Amy's.

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