Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Desert Blooms III

This lilac spiral opens up into the white devil's trumpet below.
These white trumpet flowers are very fragrant and attract a halo of bees that buzz around in the mornings and evenings.  My mom sent me home with a bunch of seed pods.  Ross says he doesn't like this plant, but it smells so nice, I might try to grow some.
 Yellow lantana.  I'm not a big fan of lantana, but it can smell really nice.
Pink oleander.  This is a small plant.  My parents lost a lot of plants due to a big freeze a few years ago.
Desert bird of paradise, also known as pride of Barbados. My mom put a few seedlings in pots and sent them home with me.  I need to figure out where to plant them.
Desert willow.  I really like this as a tree.  Once Ross grinds down the stumps on the side of the house I want to plant these.

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