Friday, July 12, 2013

What the What?!?

So, I'm not very good with plants.  It is a miracle that Gingie is still alive. I tried to sprout the pit from the mega avocado, and it was a mega-dud. So Imagine my surprise when I saw this:
Roots!  Growth!  And I wasn't even trying to grow anything.  See, we have a bush in the back yard that had pretty pink blooms on it.  So I snipped one, brought it in, and put in the little blue vase.  The bloom fell off, but the leaves didn't wilt, and it has a couple of unopened blooms on the top, so I just left it, hoping that the other blooms might eventually open.  I left it sitting on the window sill--not even adding water for a couple of weeks, and I guess it decided to grow.  I'm just shocked that it grew roots.  I doubt it will get to the full grown, blooming phase...but I'm going to try.

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