Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Many Many Mushrooms

After a week of sweltering heat things cooled off on Sunday and it has been raining the last two days. Yesterday during a break in the rain I took advantage of the softened soil and planted a bunch of stuff I bought at Lowe's in the clearance section.  This morning I went out and started fighting the battle against the monkey grass that is trying to take over one of the mulched areas.  When I went out I discovered lots and lots of delicate little grey mushrooms that had sprouted up overnight (which is a crazy thing in itself....that something can grow so fast.)  I've never even seen these kind before. I didn't pick or eat any....even though I always want to.

It is supposed to continue raining this week.  Which is fine.  The plants need water, and I don't always get around to watering them.  Plus, we are on water restrictions, so I can only water with a sprinkler or soaker hose once per week.  Maybe this rain will mean we use less water, and in turn our water bill will be lower. We used 2300 gallons last month!  I don't understand how because I only water the plants....sometimes, and I never water the lawn.  I don't flush the toilet every time I pee, we have a new HE washing machine, and we don't use the dish washer.  2300 gallons!  Insane.

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