Sunday, June 9, 2013

Randalls 'Rithmetic

So we recently went to Randalls so that Ross could stock up on sodas--he was completely out!  At the back of the store they have a display of clearance items.  Kraft macaroni & cheese was marked 50% off original price of 1.39.  I picked up a couple of boxes.  When we checked out the computer took off 45c.  That's not 50% of 1.39.  Well, we hadn't scanned our Randall's card.  With the card it took off 50c.  Uh, that's not 50% off either, but I wasn't going to complain.

When we put the cokes in the car and stared at the receipt we realized we had paid 44c for the macaroni and cheese, and that's a good deal.  So we went back inside and got 10 more boxes.  We went through the same line--same checker--and she rang one up--our total was 44c.  She was shocked and said she was going to buy some herself.  She continued to ring up the rest of the boxes--for some reason she couldn't just enter x10 on the register.  She suddenly stopped at 8 boxes. I guess she didn't realize that 44 x 10 = 440.  Our education system is failing us.  We paid and dropped all but one of the boxes in the donation barrel at the front of the store on our way out.

 Mmmmm.  Kraft mac n cheese.  Brings back memories of my babysitter Bonnie.  I don't think I ever had it at home as a kid.

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