Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Sonic is too good to pass up.  I can get a Route 44 iced tea for 1.18.  On Friday I was passing Sonic as I was running errands and just had to stop.  I got two iced teas--one for me, and one for Ross.  The cup holders in my car aren't made for American-sized drinks.  I always have to hold the drinks as  I drive.  I stopped off at Ross's office and dropped off his iced tea and some Swedish Fish from IKEA.  Happy Friday Happy Hour!

On a somewhat related note:  This is the first job that Ross has ever had where I can visit him at work.  All of Ross's other jobs have been in a secure area.  I have never seen any of his offices or desks prior to this job.  It is nice to be able to drop in, say hi, and surprise him with Sonic.

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V said...

Good thing you don't have a stick!