Sunday, June 9, 2013

Celebrity Visits

This week I have had a couple of celebrity visits.  In one dream I was in a shop and I saw a man in a striped/plaid fedora walking by with a guitar.  I thought--hmmm, what are the odds that Elvis is walking by?  I rushed out of the store to get a look at the guy and yep, it was Elvis Costello himself.

Last night I dreamt about Neil Patrick Harris.  I was at a movie theater downtown with a friend and we kept changing seats/movies.  I can't remember what we went there to see, but we ended up in front of a screen showing Fright Night.  I was sitting two seats down from Harris and he was so foul mouthed and crude!  He was saying really gross things to the girl sitting between us.

Well, that's it. Pure sightings.  Nothing sexy.

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