Thursday, December 8, 2011

Locks of Love .... Grrrr

I don't like Locks of Love. I just saw a guy on a makeover show try to convince a girl to cut her hair because it would go to Locks of Love. Her hair is dyed. It can't be used by Locks of Love to make a wig. He said two wigs will be made from her hair. No. It takes a lot more hair than from one hair cut to make a wig. He also said that the wigs would go to kids with cancer. No. Locks of Love makes wigs for children with alopecia areata and other medical reasons for hair loss. Most children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment are not eligible for a wig through Locks of Love. According to one website the organization received enough hair to make 10,000 wigs in one year, yet made less than 200.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths has distributed 2,000 wigs since 2006. Just as many as Locks of Love has made since 1996.

It makes me angry that everyone encourages donations to such a poorly run organization. Part of the problem is that people do not understand the requirements for hair donation. But I think another problem is that Locks of Love does not make the requirements clear, nor does it make clear who is eligible for the wigs. Still, celebrities chop off their hair and encourage others to do so so that they can feel good about themselves. In the end -- if you cut your hair and send it to locks of love -- it will most likely be sold to a wig making company or thrown out.

If you are going to cut your hair and want to donate it please do some research. Make sure your hair meets the requirements and will be used to make a wig.

I've ranted about this before. I'll go back to doing laundry now.


V said...
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V said...

This is why Evelyn donates to Beautiful Lengths! Looks like she might be ready to donate again in the summer...