Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bailey's Hanukkah Presents

Bailey has gotten two Hanukkah presents so far.

My mom sent a package last week and when I pulled out the packing paper I told Bailey that her first Hanukkah present had arrived. She loves it.
The last time I was at Petsmart I got this red rat for Bailey. She used to have two of these--a white one and a grey-brown one. She liked them, but they always creeped me out. I'd see one out of the corner of my eye and think it was real.This red rat is the perfect solution. When we gave it to her she was so excited that she kept picking it up by the tail and throwing it into the air. Then she would jump over it. We'd never seen her play like that. She was so excited that I think she forgot we were her and just went nuts. Of course when we pulled out the camera she pretty much just sat there and stared at us like we were crazy and refused to play with the rat. Typical cat.


Nicole said...

I love how satisfied she looks sitting on the paper in that first picture.

k. said...

Her "nest" has grown--I've added the tissue from the gift bags.