Friday, December 16, 2011

Goodbye Madison

My skin had gotten really thin over my piercing, and I had decided to take it out at the end of the month. Then I got a follicular cyst on the top end and my skin swelled up and a hard lump formed. I moved my "quit date" per say, up to the 22d, but I couldn't last until then. The lump hadn't gone away and it was hurting last night. As soon as I got home today I took it out. It sort of hurt, and got stuck right under where the lump is. I think scar tissue has started forming. So hopefully some vitamin E and other skin treatments will help soften the skin and make the lump go away.

I'm a little sad. Bye Bye Bling.

I originally got the piercing when I lost weight. Since then I've gained weight. My plan is to lose the weight, let my neck heal, then get it re-pierced in a year or two. I'm going to miss my Madison Piercing.


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You crack me up Ainsmar. What sucks is that it went downhill so fast starting the first week of December. I think right now it might look worse than in this photo....