Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sock Reinforcements

I finished knitting Ross's socks a while ago, but before he could wear them I had to reinforce them. Based on the almost-holes in some of his socks I reinforced the heels, toes, and ball of the foot area. I am finally done with the reinforcements. Now hopefully his socks will last longer.

This is step 1 of reinforcing the sock: I turned the sock inside out and put a piece of cardboard in the sock to stretch it out a little bit. I wove the same color yarn into the purl bumps--every other one.
 The second step: I then wove the yarn across the first layer of woven yarn.
 This photo shows what it looks like when it is completely done: The heel area (maroon) has been woven twice.
The great thing is that when you turn the sock right side out you can't tell at all that there is a bunch of weaving on the inside! The heels and toes are bulkier, and a bit stiffer, but you can't tell from looking at them.

Now Ross can wear his socks snowboarding or whenever and I don't have to worry about them having a hole after the first wash.

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