Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On My Nerves

I'm going to rant a bit about things that have been getting on my nerves.

1. The way people drive here.

It doesn't matter how fast you go, or if the next lane is open, people have to be all up in your trunk. Sometimes they are so close I can't see their license plates or headlights. The tailgating is bad. Scary bad.

2. When people say two thousand and seven.

And means there is a decimal point. The more educated the person, the more it gets on my nerves. This is a thing that has only recently started to annoy me, but man it makes my skin crawl.

3. Sucky websites.

Man, sometimes I really want to buy something, but the vendor's website sucks so much that I give up. Buy it on ebay. Sometimes the pages are just really really old and they no longer even sell what I'm seeing on the page. Jerks.

4. People using Coach as a title.

I was at a meeting recently and a man was introduced as Dr. Brown. He got up and said, "Actually, I'm Coach Brian." What the hell? And he introduced someone else as Coach Jim. Even though Jim had introduced himself without using the Coach title. We weren't talking about anything sports related. I was confused. Coach is not a title, and using a title with a first name is just dumb. Ross refuses to answer to Mr. Ross, and hates being introduced that way.

I know there are more things that have been annoying me, but that is all I can think of at the moment.


Nicole said...

There's a guy on Survivor who goes by "Coach." I am not calling a person coach who isn't my coach and isn't at a sporting event. I totally agree with you. Since when did "coach" become a title random people can insist you call them by? Um, no.

A lady I work with calls me Ms. Nicole. I hate it. It's annoying and she is way older than me. Don't call me Ms. Nicole. The only time I'll accept being called Ms. Nicole is if a parent wants their kid to call me Ms. Nicole as a way to respect adults. But only then. No grown-ass person should be calling me Ms. Nicole.

V said...

Totally with you on #1 and #2. Troy all but got run over (while driving) when he was letting another car have the right-of-way. And I'm ALWAYS correcting Evelyn if she says "and" with a non-decimal number.