Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Pancake Prince

Ross has been making pancakes lately. Isn't that Texas shaped blueberry pancake awesome? He's also made cherry pancakes a couple of times too. It seems that I gave up on figuring out a healthy, but fluffy pancake recipe. And Ross has decided just to make pancakes with stuff in 'em.

I'm still not crazy about syrup, but I like the real maple syrup infinitely more than the fake HFCS stuff. We've been putting powdered sugar on the pancakes. It is special powdered sugar. It came with the pandoro that we bought for New Year's. Unlike the stuff available here, it doesn't have corn starch in it. I think it tastes better, and sweeter. It could be all in my head and I'm just imagining that imported Italian powdered sugar is better, but Ross thinks so too.

I'll be making power waffles soon. I just need to find some buckwheat flour. I'll be sure to post the recipe and some photos.


Nicole said...

Cherry pancakes sounds delicious! Drool.

Disobedient Tiger said...

They were yummy
there was restaurant in Austin.
I went once, had the cherry pancakes... raved. the next 3 times i went, no cherry pancakes... still annoys me to this day.