Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Dreaded Wrinkle Wall

My mom and I are totally skeeved out by a naked mattress. What is a naked mattress? It is a mattress without a mattress pad. Even with sheets on it--it is a naked mattress. Our mattress pad was getting really worn out, and I started looking for a replacement. It was a little difficult to find one in my price range, and one that didn't have sides made out of papery material. I found one at Costco and threw it in the cart as soon as I saw it had stretchy sides.

The mattress pad fits our mattress, in fact it isn't tight at all. It is actually slippery and loose because the sides are so stretchy. This causes the dreaded wrinkle wall. In the middle of the night when I roll over to snuggle with Ross the mattress pad slides and bunches up to form a wall. I feel like I need some long suspenders or something to go on the backside of the mattress to hold the pad tight. Ross put some binder clips on the sides, but I think they have all popped off already. I'm not sure what to do about the wall. I just find it so annoying!

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