Thursday, May 6, 2010


That's a pretty gross photo. Anyway, I've been coughing like crazy. My throat is so raw and sensitive that the slightest thing tickles it and I start coughing. Today I could taste everyone's perfume, aftershave, everything, ugh. It was nasty, and it made me cough. I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow to see if he can give me something to stop the coughing. The last three nights have been terrible. I have trouble falling asleep and then an hour or two later I suddenly wake up with a coughing fit. I was so tired when I got home today that I passed out. I hope to have as much luck falling asleep tonight.


carla contini said...

Love your legs! Where's you get 'em? BTW what turned out to be the issue with your throat? Mine looks just like that since a week ago!

k. said...

I can't exactly remember, but I think it was post nasal drip.

Unknown said...

Hi there I have the same problem like a replica
Can you tell me how you diagnosed this?