Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Day

We went to Austin for New Year's again this year. We went a little early, so Ross helped with baseboard installation and I helped clean the grout off the new tile floors. Joey and Lisa Diane installed wood floors in the living room and library and laid tile in the hallway and bathroom. They also painted all those areas. It looks really awesome. I had a little too much to drink on the 30th, but didn't really drink on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. There was a meeting of the George T. Stagg club, but I was really sad that Robert Walker wasn't there. I'm going to have to change the Stagg club to glasses instead of shots. It's just really silly shooting whiskey that tastes that good. Ross had some trouble setting up the wii, but he finally got it done, and people really had fun trying it out. I was really glad to be able to see everyone, especially Kay. She's about 6 months pregnant and seems so happy. I made panna cotta for the party. It really tickled me to see the faces of the guests when they tried it. I'll post the recipe later today or tomorrow. Lisa Diane and I also exchanged socks. I'll post photos of them soon. On the way home we stopped at Rachel and Deborah's to see their new baby, Chiara. She had just woken up and was very alert. Here's a bunch of photos. Enjoy.
Ross and Troy wii boxing. Notice the new wood floors. The blue paint is also new.

Aaron Camp tries the wii with Ross

Even Kay and Christine were excited about the wii.
Lisa Diane holding Chiara.

Me holding Chiara.

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