Thursday, July 31, 2014

American Museum of Natural History

We exited Central Park and took refuge in the cool air of the American Museum of Natural History. It got so cold in some areas that I put on my (newest) cashmere sweater. We wandered around and then ate at the museum cafe. 
Ross and I have a thing for octopodes (my preferred plural term for octopus), so I took a photo of this drawing.

The main reason we went to the museum is that my dad wanted to see the special exhibit Spiders Alive! It took us a bit to find the exhibit, so when we did we didn't have to wait for our timed entry.
We watched a short movie about spiders. It was very informative. I didn't know how tarantulas molt. They actually showed a tarantula molting in the film.

I think this was the neatest live spider they had on display. It is a trap door spider. The spider had made a burrow up against the glass and you could see it moving around in there. I could actually make out the trap door on the surface as well.

Here I am posing on a giant spider. I think we all learned something in the exhibit.

After the spiders we went through the Hall of Biodiversity and Hall of Ocean Creatures.  The Hall of Biodiversity was my favorite. So many different and contrasting kinds of creatures in one area and next to each other.

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