Friday, November 15, 2013


We recently took a glass working class in South Austin. When the glass turns molten it is very strange. You are supposed to slowly rotate the glass and push inward to form a ball. It wasn't as easy as the demo made it look.
The flame looks orange when you put the glass in.
The safety glasses block the orange flame and you can see much better.
Close up--trying to form a ball. The molten glass glows orange----the color goes through the glass and you can see it on my right fingertips.
We left our "drink stirrers" at the shop so that they could be set in the kiln. The middle one and the one on the far right are Ross's. The middle one is really cool. The pointier one second from the right is very short. I'm planning on using it as a hair stick.
The class was fun I guess. I did feel like a dope because I wasn't very good at it: I managed to shatter a chip off one of my sticks, and I absent mindedly tried to pick up the chip--uh, very hot!


Nicole said...

Very cool! Ryan would love that. Not the glass-making in particular but just the fact that he'd get to work with fire. That man loves fire.

Disobedient Tiger said...

i am the opposite, i am terrified of fire...