Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ross's Big Day

Today is Ross's birthday.
He started off by opening TWO packages of cookies sent to him by his admirers on the East coast.
For lunch we went bowling at The Goodnight.
I had a chicken fried antelope sandwich and tomato basil soup.
Ross had a burger.
After bowling wore us out we played a few games of shuffleboard.

Ross got to have his favorite food for dinner--that's right--pizza. And I got him a second controller for the PS4.  Yeah, we have a PS4 and dad bought him Call of Duty Ghost for his birthday. I feel bad that I didn't make him a cake, but he has a ton of cookies to eat. I'll make him something this weekend.

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Nicole said...


You can tell I mean it because I used all caps. :-)

Also, those burgers look yuuuuge!