Sunday, October 20, 2013


Fiesole is a town on a hill that overlooks Florence. I have always wanted to visit, but I always put it off. With long lines at the cathedral we decided to take the bus out of town.
When we first arrived it was raining a little.  The views were obscured by fog.  After a brief down pour things cleared up and we took some clearer photos.
 Me at the scenic vista point in Fiesole.

Fiesole is also known for its Estruscan and Roman ruins.  After the rain we walked through the ruins, which included an amphitheater and baths, as well as a temple and altars.
We visited Fiesole on a Sunday.  We ended up missing the Duomo because it closes early on Sundays.  I'm still a little disappointed, but I'm glad we finally made it up to Fiesole, saw the views, the ruins, and the museum with some interesting burial stuff in it.


Nicole said...

Fiesole looks gorgeous. This set of pictures may be my favorite so far from your trip. Just beautiful.

k. said...

Thanks Nicole. Although I'm a little sad we missed the Duomo in Florence, I'm glad we finally got to Fiesole and saw something new. After the rain cleared up it was great.