Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cats and Dogs

There were a lot of cats in Italy and Greece. I saw the bulk of them on Hydra. Some of the cats are really good beggars. We had some kittens that were practically climbing our legs to get some food. We were total suckers and fed them.

The dogs in Italy and Greece are different. In Italy the dogs were on leashes. In Greece the dogs were roaming around or just laying around--but a lot of them had collars. When I lived in Greece before people didn't really have dogs and cats as pets. Now there are stores devoted to pet care.

We saw two interesting dog-related things. The first one was a dog that actually used the cross walks. He waited to cross the street, and then cross another. He could have walked across the street diagonally, but he waited for the cross walk. It was hilarious. The second thing we saw was dogs with water bottles in their mouths. People give the dogs a bottle of water and the dog will bite it and drink the water that dribbles out.
Fat kitty at the leather school behind Santa Croce in Florence.
This is how the dogs in Greece were--just laying around nothing phased them.
Cat at the Acropolis, where there were many cats.
Cat family in an area with ruins.
Sleepy kitty in Hydra.
Kitties in the shade.
Blue-eyed kitty.
This kitty on Hydra looks like our old cat Charlie (who we got in Greece.)

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