Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've been a little fascinated with tattoos lately.  I decided to give Ross an octopus tattoo on his wrist.  I used some of my dozens of sharpies to create his tattoo.  It is hard for me to believe it actually turned out looking like an octopus and not a purple sunburst or something.  The guys at his work all thought it was real, except for his boss--who noticed his arm isn't shaved.  Ross is a little bothered that Christiaan pays attention to his arm hair.

I was in a funny mood yesterday.  I couldn't think of something I'd have permanently etched onto my body.  Well, I'm obsessed with ginkgos, so I decided to do a ginkgo tattoo (or 3) on my forearm.  This is the one that turned out the best.  Unfortunately I drew the first one near my inner elbow crease--so now I have green smudges on the lower part of my bicep.  Oh well, it was all for fun.

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