Friday, November 9, 2012

599 Miles

Yesterday I drove 599 miles.  All in the great state of Texas.  It wasn't bad.  The first part through the Hill Country is actually really nice.  I had fun critter spotting. I saw: lots of deer, cows, horses, goats and sheep.  I saw a great deal of roadkill including: deer, coyotes, so many racoons, opossums, at least one fox, a couple of porcupines, and lots of unidentifiable fur.  I didn't see any roadrunners or armadillos yesterday.  The drive took me almost exactly 9 hours--including 3 pit stops.

Driving on I-10 is boring. So I took some photos.
 It's a little blurry--at 80 miles per hour.
 We have wind farms overlooking oil derricks.
Okay. So every time Ross and I drive to El Paso together---which hasn't happened in a long time--Ross plays this joke on me.  He starts to act very sick.  He says his stomach hurts.  He groans.  And when I ask what's wrong he says he has Balmorhea!  I fall for it almost every time.

p.s. I had fun playing with these photos in Gimp.  I don't have a super fancy camera, so I thought I'd edit my photos to look cooler.

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Nicole said...

I am very jealous that it looks very warm in all those pictures. I am ready for summer already. Sigh.