Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ross Catches Set Planche

We celebrated Halloween by going to trapeze class.  I wore my costume from my recital.  I tried the back end straddle whip, but our timing was off, so there was no catch.

Ross finally caught his set planche. Oh, and he did his first one-handed take off.  I've been working on moving toward unassisted take off (no belt hold).  Sarah said that I need to work a littlemore on my take off, apparently I lean forward at the waist a little on take off.

It's a small world.  Well, trapeze is a small world.  It turns out that Donovan--my catcher for my IFW classes--is here in Austin!  He is training with trapeze Austin folks and teaching a few classes.  I haven't seen him yet. Hopefully I'll catch a class with him by the end of the year.

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