Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Very Own Orchid

I've really been tempted in the last few months to buy an orchid. First, a couple of the secretaries at work have them. Second, I went to a wedding where every table had a different kind of orchid as the centerpiece. The groom received the orchids as a wedding gift from the bride. Recently I saw the cutest mini orchids somewhere, but I just wasn't brave enough to buy one. Then Nicole got an orchid for her birthday. Now that just put me over the edge. I had to get one. After checking out a couple of stores I ended up buying one at Costco today. Yippeee! Now I have my very own orchid. Let's see if I can keep it alive.
This was one of the beautiful orchids at Michai's wedding.
This is my new orchid!

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Nicole said...

Yay! We're orchid sisters!

My Dad had the flower shop call and give me directions on how to care for the orchid. I'll post it later today so you can do it too.

Now I'm feeling good about possibly keeping it alive! My fingers are crossed.