Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Many Random Things

1. Pleaded v Pled
I kept hearing on the radio this morning how "Faisal pleaded guilty." That makes my skin crawl. I prefer pled. I remember the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor having this argument when I worked at the Texas Law Review (ah, those were the days.) I think the Editor in Chief was arguing the the case for pled. We agreed on that one, but not "an historic". I'll never agree to that one.

2. I'm sad about the Supreme Court's ruling on aid to terrorist groups. Any group that advises a terrorist group, even about nonviolent means of conflict resolution, can be prosecuted for giving "material support" to that group. Sad.

3. Dawn dishwashing liquid is being used to clean the oil-covered animals in the gulf. This was in the news because Dawn apparently contains petroleum. Like dissolves like! That's why the first step in cleaning the animals is to rub cooking oil all over them. Who cares if there's petroleum in Dawn--as long as it gets the animals clean!

4. I went to H Mart today. I go crazy in H Mart. Today I bought these strange drumstick snacks:

The snacks are just drumstick-shaped-fried shells. No real seasoning. Odd. I can't believe how many of them in the box were intact.
5. I saw this sign this weekend when we were at a stoplight. Used Refrigerated Bodies? Really?

7. I went hiking on Sunday. I was hoping for raspberries, but didn't find many. I did find this butterfly wing.

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Nicole said...

1. That's like "hanged" versus "hung."

I hate it when people say a book is entitled something. Like "The book is entitled War and Peace." And broadcasters say it ALL THE TIME. How can a book be entitled? A book is titled.

4. What's going on on the container of that snack? LOL. Is the chicken running away from the cook? And is that a musical note? Is the chicken singing? That's hilarious.