Saturday, February 6, 2010

What, Me, Obessed? No!

I consider myself a chaholic. I love tea. I was telling Ross that I saw a mug with Chinese characters on it and I thought it would be great to have a cup that says wuh ai cha and a plate that says wuh ai dan gao. I looked at him and asked Tiffany style, "You make for me?" He ignored me.

This week one of the doctors was talking with the secretary, Amy, about getting an electric tea kettle so we can start having tea at work. I told them I have a tea kettle in my basement office. Really, I do. Amy ordered a tea kettle for the upstairs office area (the exact same one I have in the basement!). I'm all excited that someone else is also into tea. We should have tea parties at work. That's started me back on my quest for tea accoutrements. I search for "noritake tea set" on ebay almost every day (along with a very intricate saved search for a jade bangle). I started looking at tea trios and found the one pictured above (Noritake of course) that I really like. Man, tea trios can be more expense than full tea sets!

Since the conversation with my coworkers about tea parties, I have bought a strainer so that I can brew loose leaf tea, and not just tea bags. I bought a little dish to put the strainer onto (of course!). I also bought ayurvedic tea, green jasmine tea, and Scottish biscuits to take to work. I'm going to take a tea set that my mom bought me into work. I just need to get a small strainer for the pot and some small white plates for tea biscuits.

If the roads have been plowed I'm going to Ten Ren tomorrow to buy some more Dong Ding Oolong Cha. I'm almost out, so I'll buy a big tin for home and a smaller tin for work. I'll also stop by the Asian market for some veggies and see if they have any other tea gadgets I can't live without. Then we'll go to The Luster's for the game.

I really think the world would be a better place if we all stopped in the afternoon and had tea and a snack. Oooh....and a nap. Oh yes, if only the whole world had snap time.

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Dalila said...

that sure is a beautiful tea set. Every day should have a tea break sanck and nap time.